Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I was listening to Fr. Marfori's sermon yesterday during Rich and Riggie's wedding ceremony (abay ako, ehem) when he related an article about Relationship which he had read in a magazine during his last haircut session.

"Relationship is like holding an egg... be careful so as not to drop it, be gentle so as not to break it."

Makes sense.

This is how fragile relationships are. Some may not really take this into consideration, especially when having the best time of their lives while into a relationship. But more often, we find ourselves in a haze of confusion when our relationship hits rock-bottom. We look for possible reasons and assess ourselves about what we had done and could have done.

Individuals have long ago desired to interact with other individuals since the beginning of time, and so this led to friendships even up to romantic relationships. This fills up our need for companionship, because as humans, i believe we all need each other to survive. "No man is an island." Relationship also gives us fulfillment and security, as it gives us an opportunity to form a special bond with another human being.

Whether friendship or romantic relationship, i think it is really best to handle any relationships with utmost care.


I've been into relationships, monogamous and non-monogamous. hahaha. Admittedly, i've so many friends and i'm trying my very best to be a better one for them. It's just so frustrating that sometimes, no matter how you try your very best to keep the relationship smooth sailing, it really flirts with disaster and both sides fall prey to hollow yearns of distance and separation.

I feel empty to have lost some significant relationships. It's like everything's so peachy and then it suddenly becomes a double whammy. It left me open wounds that i know not when to be healed. Some left me even scars that no amount of treatment (or cebo de macho?haha) could erase. An assault of the senses. Foiled expectations just when we thought we got it pinned down. How aggravating could it be! Even if i couldn't give solace to my ambivalent emotions, i always choose to move on and make sure that it wouldn't hit my other relationships likewise. Could i bridge the gap between two sides under which the river of life could flow freely?

Life has its own way of compelling things by the sheer need of it.