Wednesday, December 24, 2008


The day before the most awaited day of the year.

December 24.

I'm still at work but not working literally. (For almost a year, the HR hasn't decided yet what my job description really is.)

I just had some interesting ..uhhmmmnn.. rather disturbing thoughts and events for the day.

As always, I've been missing my Kuya Melvin a lot. Must be a matter of priorities, so our less-than-the-usual-heart-to-heart-talk is understandable. I was walking down the memory lane browsing through our pictures last year. Exactly during the same hour that i was damn thinking bout him, along came a message from my Ate Shiela. I was nearly crying and i couldn't even press the keypad to sent her a reply. I was reminiscing our last year's Baguio Trip, the one that made me realize that the best moments in life are those spent with the people who just love you for who you are, unconditionally, all the days of your life.

The phone also beeped for a message coming from...tantananan-tanan...mhean. As always, she's pretending I'd mistaken her for ysm by using ysm's number. I don't know what luck or fortune or satisfaction will she reap upon knowing how i am doing today, but i would highly appreciate it she wouldn't intrude in my life anymore. I didn't sent her a reply. I don't want to define to her again what the word RESPECT means. Uhhhmmm... Merry Christmas to both of them. :)

I did mess my car. Oooppss... i didn't get into an accident again. Kuya manny and i just had some minor adjustments in the engine and unluckily, we had adjusted too much which caused the engine to stop running right after i had parked in the Pavilion Mall. I was kinda panicky because i couldn't find Kuya Manny's number in my phonebook, was calling someone to have it retrieved in my Chikka account, but unfortunately, he doesn't want to talk to anybody and he is shutting his world on Christmas Day. I was able to talk to Kuya Manny having retrieved his number in the phone logs, he immediately went to me and have the engine adjusted again and bring back its life. Thanks for the immediate and quick response, thank you thank you and i'm so glad i have these kind of friends who could rescue me in times like this.

I wish to entertain my depressive feelings, but it's Christmas.. and I promised God that this Christmas would be better than last year. Although same as last year, im also sick with fever, cough, colds, but i won't let it get in the way of celebrating His birthday.

But I would have to admit that i am much excited for the coming of March 2009 than this Christmas. God please forgive me, but You know why i am feeling like this.


It's past 8pm and i gotta get dressed for tonight's mass.

Merry Christmas to all.