Monday, November 26, 2007

natal day

was worried to the damsel in me. the knight is nowhere to be found. what the hell happened to him?

i didn't forget his natal day. was even a bit excited, sent him the present days before. he had been good to me, he had been bad to me. i had been so good to him, so good that i speak no evil of him, too good i was being mishandled. was i really? or only because i let all these things happen to me?

the sun shines so bright, an affluent splendor of a sunny day, but it feels so gloomy. would i fade to insignificance?

was over him for quite some time. quite afraid to meet my Waterloo today. would just want to pass into oblivion, be stricken unto silence, swollen into torrents until i resolve into nothingness. When will the hands of time sweep me into oblivion?

My ears are deaf to a conversation tinseled over with a gaudy embellishment of words. Tired with our spinning world of falsehoods. Must i celebrate today? Would i really care?

hapi bday sweetie. may you have the best days here on earth.


this was a post to my friendster blog last year. caught my attention: a reminder was sent by friendster because ysm's natal day is coming :ranting:

brought me into nostalgia mode.