Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It was boredom that logged me in the virtual world. Familiarity breeds contempt,and so i've grown so tired of my real life i needed to enter another dimension.

Click: Register.Log in.Enter.Join

In just one key stroke,i am exposed to limitless exchange of information. Infinitum. No boundaries.Anything i wish to know is just executed on a single click. Something that electrocuted the snoozing nerves & cells of mine.

I was able to suffice the hunger in my brain. I was able to feed the curiosity in me, able to explore the perpetuity in learning.and able to bridge human connections.

My real life taught me the value of friendships. And so i decided to bring with me these values as i enter the virtual life. I indeed made friends,and must i say, real good friends. When gratefulness for this bond couldn't be contained in just our virtual worlds, it was very mutual for all of us to bring the friendships in our real life.

And my world is brighter than before.


I usually ran to my virtual world when pain is harder to bear in my real life. I used to consider it as my sanctuary. Not as an escape from the bitterness of my real life, but a transient haven where pain and resentment can be easily diminished by a smiley icon.

In my virtual world, i can be who i am.i can tell anybody whatever name,age,sex & location i want to. I could lie to them and i will not be held punishable. I can hide my real feelings, thanks to the default smileys emoticons made especially for liars like me.

Indeed, lies are very easy to propagate in this virtual world.everyone can be single in status,anyone can be as young as a toddler just beginning to fiddle the keyboard.and anyone can stand anywhere in the globe.We can all be grand and rich, or just as poor as those living in shanties.We can be who we want to be,a doctor,an engineer,a beauty queen,a model,an actor,an actress,chef,etc....the possibilities are limitless.this is the greatest show on earth.


While i will be forever grateful to the friendships that was born here in this virtual world, i also have to turn the tables to the dark side of it. Spoiled relationships served that poisoned souls. Hollow pursuits to carnal pleasure. Pornography. Theft and others of that ilk.

For the reason that these things can be done in clandestine,these crimes are a dime a dozen. More and more net users are getting hooked on it, not only for simple pleasure but for entrepreneurial advantages as well. Day by day,grave display of flesh has become a staple in this virtual world,involving people of all ages,from all walks of life. Indeed,everyday has become the feast of flesh.


do u believe that there's romance online?in as much as friendships are born virtually,and so is romance also,there's a thin line between love and friendship.

I've heard of legions of love stories developed over the net.i for one, had a share of experience,but not much to discuss here in details, hehe.For people who has been online for most of their time,it is not impossible for the feelings to be cultivated.You grow your feelings mutually over the time you spent connected.

The problem lies on the spontaneity of the relationship,of up to what extent both of you are willing to risk to keep the relationship alive.


damn i can't finish this one. duh.


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