Tuesday, November 27, 2007


back to work.

Tuesday strikes. I'm back to work. I could just imagine the piles of work to be done, pending jobs I'm too lazy to finish.haha. Must i finish it all today, otherwise, im doomed!

1.X07007 2nd gear design revisions - for checking ang submission, checksheets revision

2. X07008 3rd gear design revision - for revision plus cheksheets revision. Hell,i wish to divide my body into two so that one can do autocad revisions in the office while the other half is disseminating the information in the production area.

3. Billet specifications revision. Huhuhu. Why do i torture myself with these pending jobs?

4. R trans cvj documents. Waaaaahhh. Pending jobs due to non availability of concerned signatories. I hope they all report to work today.

5. Production and quality report of X07 jobs. Bloody hell. How wil i be able to get the data for these?huhuhu

These are the jobs that i need to get done in 8hrs. There are still legions of work to do, but not as urgent as those listed above. (Urgent=today)lols. In as much as i would like to get it done asap,im still stuck in trafic here at golden city, the shuttle had left already,and maybe,just unfortunate me,i'll be stuck again in trafic in sta.rosa-tagaytay and will arrive late to work. Silly me.


i could have left home early enough to catch the shuttle. But instead of speeding up to get myself dressed to work, i just found myself stroked again in front of my pc.

I was very eager to download the pics we had last saturday during jojo&sherley's wedding. Yeth sent me the link of the file uploaded to sendspace. Crap,my download speed is a dying 9.1kbps for an 88mb file.estimated time left: 2.19.23hrs. Ive to cancel the deed because the DL speed sucks.

Was also happy to see kuya johnemenel on the symbianize shoutbox. Missed this kuya a lot,haven't talked to him for quite some time.

Will finish this post later. Workmode muna