Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday. 2007afc sportsfest.

The long awaited re-scheduled company sportsfest was finally held. We were a bit worried because the sun hasn't shine at its brightest lately, gloomy weather for almost a week.. typhoons, rains, etc.. But this's perfect. Sun beaming brightly. No traces of incoming typhoon. And we are all smiles for a whole day of pure adrenaline rush. Ready...set..Go..

Badminton: Lost
Tug of War: 2nd place


Had a lot of fun really. For a day, i haven't thought about die revisions, technical informations, phonecalls, XO7jobs, etc, etc. Just smilin and cheering and laughing out with friends. It did refreshed me.


The cold breeze on the venue are as refreshing as the proverbial morning sun and dew, stirring the embers of my passion for this kind of place...nature's bountiful blessings lurking in front of my eyes. Noticeable and uplifting are these tress which i can't take my eyes off, they remind me of being sturdy during those times that i need to take a stand on some decisions that i made.
They so exquisitely describe the native beauty and bounties of our land, I actually enjoy the exuberance and inquisitiveness of these


There are times when i get the urge to face a day of trepidation. I don't know. I was chatting with an acquaintance for almost half of the day, told him there are times that i feel so empty. The leaves of memories rustle through, there are those that stick like glue and would not be driven away. Sigh.


soul-searching lines from Longfellow:

Trust no future howe’er pleasant
Let the dead Past bury its dead
Act, act in the living present
Heart within and God o’erhead.