Monday, November 26, 2007


Didn't report to work today. Slept almost at 1am,was still feeling a bit dizzy when the alarm rang at 8 in the morning. Recalling what kept me busy the night that passed, brought a smile on my face.

My cousin & his fiance still haven't finalized the design of their wedding invitations. Maybe i was overdoing the latter,or under doing i guess,we barely have a month and a half before the nuptial day. I'm still not done with the wedding prayers my cousin wishes to include in the invitation. Hell with me, i really have to finish it.

Was also blabbing with an acquaintance. Just don't know what has gotten into me,but i did enjoy the short exchange of words. Just a bit of thought sharing, likes and dislikes, photo sharing, and just plain exchange of emoticons. Maybe i was lacking in attention,or maybe i was just bein' accommodating. heck,what ever it is, it did refreshed me. thanks for the time rodney. And the call too :)

As always, my day wouldn't be complete without the usual "kulitan" with my pakners in crime. Minibox will always be my sanctuary, no matter how many painful memories this bring. Really makes a lot of sense. Really gives me some sense of worth. I could always revert to the newbie status i was, back then when i was just blabbing anything that first entered my curious mind. Sounds a tad wackier,but to say the least, somehow completes a puzzle in me.

Last night was i on postmode also. "kinarir ang love & friendship section sa symbianize" haha. Found some real good articles about love and just sharing it to my fellow certified symbianize adiks. Yummy thoughts to munch on, inspirational ideas to digest too. Haha.

I do not wish to end the night at that moment, happened also to jive with familiar friends on the symbianize shoutbox. Haven't felt sleepy also, but the body needs to rest. As Myx had noted: "Nagpupuyat ka na naman" and suddenly, i realized i really need to shut down not just my pc but my eyes & body as well.

Lights off.