Saturday, February 26, 2011


God has felt the pain in me the moment i lay myself to bed. My stomach was churning in a mix of pain, longings, suffering and depression. It's good that I managed to keep my wrist away from anything sharp for the time being.

I am as if a child begging for a candy. God knows my pain, so in between my being disturbed and being awake, i found my hero sitting beside me, holding my hands, and assuring me of a peaceful journey. I was enthralled by his presence, if only i could just stay in my dreams. He was there, clad in his beige polo and smiling face. It was a definite isolation from reality, an imagination-drive moment that connected me to the past and served as bridge to the present.

Dreams like this have always been a talisman of sort, an invisible patch that makes the journey of my outward bound life mesmerizing. There is no better way to relish the day but to look back at those, and somehow a pain in me had subsided even for a moment.

I'm in a sine curve again. I am missing happiness. SO much.