Thursday, February 17, 2011


Four days of driving hiatus had taken its toll. I just bailed out my car from the autoshop where they got it fixed.

I got into an accident last week on my way home when an overtaking Sentra cut on me and hit my fender and bumper. The initial police investigation vindicated me and had an inkling to press the blame on the other vehicle. The Sentra owner initially had to deny the charges. I had to turn the spark into a conflagration and as i am bound to lift the case to the higher authority and have both our vehicles impounded and our licenses confiscated, the other vehicle raised his white flag and reversed his militant denial of reality.

So during my four-day driving hiatus i had to get off earlier to catch our shuttle service. I was once again a commuter, who at first doesn't know how much the fare for a specific travel is. Oh poor me, breaking a habit has always been a back to square one thing.

But tell you, riding the shuttle is still sweet in its own simple ways. I get to savor quick cat naps during the travel. I get to tinker with my ipod, play games, or even read a book on the way. I even get to chat with a seatmate. How could i turn catatonic to that!

For a moment i get to enjoy simple things that i have missed when my sweetie's off to recovery.

And now me and my sweetie are back on track. Of course, i so dearly missed my company. While it is literally a fact that i am the one riding my car to where i want to go, the same holds true to sweetie as he rides me in all my physical and emotional sentiments as we cruise together along the way. In my more than three-year relationship with it, it has taken much blows and counts to save its princess, and i know it will do so to the best that it could in the days to come.

And where sweetie is, the road is always fine and smooth, and it is always warm and sunny.

I am so happy to be cuddled up by sweetie again.

I am so glad to be home.