Tuesday, February 1, 2011

have i eluded the proverbial pain of his absence?

I ransacked the archives in my messenger to facilitate my longingness, missing someone so dearly after almost half a year of non-existence. From the dead calm of the night rose a metamorphosed princess, entangling herself all the more in the most profound and vivid memories imbued with greater intensity.

Let me miss you this much again and again and again...

The sweet remembrances and good feelings which had been sanded and polished by time, memory and maturity, shall always bring lightness to my spirit. The petty, funny memories have their own ways of bringing to the fore stories and anecdotes of our shared past.

And again, my heart tumbled with a love that i cannot explain.

My relative isolation from him feeds my desire to hold him close to me immediately even more.

Then there's magical abundance amidst him not being around.. or him disappearing from the known.

And I have eluded the proverbial pain of his absence.