Saturday, September 4, 2010


I am taking things in stride, especially when pigging out on tableful of extreme yumminess.

Pass muna si lois.

No offensive retort, no lethal confrontations with the Crispy pata, no blame to be heaped on the uber delicious meaty meats on the table.

I am stunned into silence by the awesomeness of the occasion, of having to seat in a table of Crispy pata, Indonesian barbecue, Kimchi, milk and fruit shakes and everything in delicious palatables hues, and not have a single bite. For a person with enough nibbleness of mind to accept the staggering reality, it is way better to err on the side of free will than of curtailment.

This is the most astute demeanor to project.

Water, fish and veggies for me.

Nuff said.