Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Missing you is an understatement.

Missing you is an understatement.

It's more than just a feeling of longingness. Admittedly, it's been very uncomfortable the past few days. I tried to comfort myself into thinking that life goes on each day, and that i may have to live my life fully in accordance to God or Allah's will.

The other night it was you who have accompanied me to dreamland. I was afraid i won't be able to even see you, because a certain authority has forbidden me. It's strange, but i found myself crying when i woke up. I had to stop the misery and think of ways to compose myself. I had to sleep with the guitar beside me, read the notes over and over again, until the god of somnolence quietly beckoned me in his kingdom.

The night after, i was with you. It's strange how my dreams were rearrange this way. I dunno. Maybe it's because you were never out of my mind since day one. I really do not want to be this sentimental all those times you are in the desert, but sometimes, i do recognize a need to let this kind of feeling resurface.

It's more than just missing you je. Hope you are doin' good.