Monday, September 13, 2010


I started my week in a circle of labyrinth.

>> I didn't know that my mobile postpaid plan had been cut, my messages to ate weren't sent, had been waiting for half an hour until i realized that the messages were stuck in my outbox. Had to leave the place before i get penalized for clocking in late at work.

>> Was stuck in traffic at the National Highway plus the tollgate.

>> My fuel gauge blinked empty.

>> I forgot my packed lunch in fridge

>> i still need to run a couple of errands today: bank deposits, tarp printing for my sisters wedding tomorrow, purchase order of step up ring for andlou

>> returns of women "paraphernalias" to my kumpare

>> payments payments payments

>> car checking

>> speaker installations

>> work work work

>> emailing pictures of yesterday's highschool kita-kits

>> etc.

It's still a long list and a long day and i still need to finish a lot of work here at the forging plant. My energy has diminished a bit because i really had a bad dream about the superhero and i was kind of shooing away the negative waves that had been crossing my system.

SO please help me Lord.