Saturday, September 18, 2010

Money is, sometimes, indeed, the root of evil.

I'm pissed off with a friend.

All i did was to help her make ends meet by giving her the opportunity to earn a little through the pastries that my sister has been baking.

She was earning a little, though not that big, by just sitting her ass off at her regular work, while my sister did the hard labor. My sister had been delivering the pastries to her friend, and she was given a portion of the earnings from it. It was like catching the showers of heaven.

But she wants more. She began asking for more, until greed has resurfaced her whole self. She began to suspect that my sister had been fooling her, that my sister hadn't been giving her what is due.

For crying out loud! My sister would never do that! She had been honest all the time, and had been giving what is due to be given.

It's so frustrating that my friend's greediness will take everything away from her.

My sister just want to stop doing business with her.

Money is, sometimes, indeed, the root of evil.

Tsk tsk tsk.


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