Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wistful thinking

Amidst all the inconveniences of having our house reconstructed, (insert here the dust, the heat, the ruins, the limited spaces and everything that make us desperate for temporary relocation) is the sheer pleasure of having that bright shining rock in the sky viewed right in front of my room's doorstep.


I admit, i am sucker for moon gazing. It has long sparked my imagination. I can still remember how i dreamt of being an astronomer during my younger years, having watched the grand spectacles in the sky, pricking my curiosity as a child. With the moon dominating the biggest canvas above at night, it is indeed a wonder to behold.

I always feel a great sense of awe gazing at the most powerful object up there. Truly a magnificent view to the naked eye. But as always, i find myself struck with a catastrophe under the biggest pie in the sky:

Wistful thinking.

Extreme longingness.

I found myself retreating under the fire of internal weeping, the ones that flood my soul but keep my face all dried up. All those feelings carefully hidden, desperately crawled out from my very own hole of yearning.

I hate the fact that my every night always end up as a drag. I take a glance off the moon, and wish, hope and pray for a better tomorrow.