Friday, April 30, 2010


My wiper broke down last night .. right when i was about to enter the SLEX. The right wiper blade set has loosen itself in its arm, i had to turn it off, had left my windshield some pretty scrapes which i have to deal with later. *crying out loud*

So i crawled the SLEX under the dark rainy night of Thursday with my very poor vision and squirming away from the hazards which could be incurred. And since I am having trouble driving at night lately, it was even aggravated by the damaged wiper and the out pour of furious showers. Man i could barely see! I drove beyond the limits of my visibility, the glare of oncoming lights amplified by the splashing waters on my windshield has increased my driving fatigue. Work fatigue and driving fatigue spell epic fail for me! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Safely home, I fell into a silence of collective retrospection.

Not my day yet, i say to myself.