Sunday, July 20, 2008


Have been out for three consecutive saturday nights.

I am not raised in such a way that my natural predilection is into a life of barkada and night outs. (Mabait po akong bata. Bow) Though there really are times when i'd find my schedule fully-booked, occupied with some extra-curricular activities which i deem beneficial for my unabated growth as an asinine mortal. lols.

The first night i departed from my old bed got me snoring comfortably after the cheers and jeers of three birthday celebrations we had in Tagaytay with my Servi fellas. (see Pamaytay sa Tagaytay entry)

The second night out i spent with Jek, Qai, Qai's sis and cousin, storming the busy streets of Malate on a freaky Saturday.

The third Sat night i spent with ninz, jessie and susie at Tatay Fred's house in San Pablo.

Muntik na ko maka bingo last Saturday.

Sumuko na lang si ako at nagkafever.

Na miss tuloy kita.