Friday, July 18, 2008


I deleted some songs in the playlist in my psp. I believe it's one brave thing i have done, to depart from the songs that used to lighten up my heart.

These songs used to be my companion when my soul wandered all alone in confusion. Endorsed by a very dear friend, i couldn't depart from the memories of our friendship with these songs. I dearly kept it all through these trying times, and played it one by one whenever i need a lift. Though i have to admit that there are times when i would confuse those songs to what he was trying to tell me. The melodies satisfy my audible senses as it flourish wonderful emotions to my spirit. And i believe i was never the same.

Fast forward.

I don't want to hear those songs again.

I couldn't quantify my emotions as i allow those songs to penetrate the very heart of me.

I don't know if it is called PAIN, or something... i really don't know.

But it does feel better after i have deleted them.