Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I was reviewing my lecture about solid mensuration when my brain suddenly called for a halt, maybe just a five-minute recess from the complexity of formulas for area and perimeter of these plane figures.

I then found myself imposing some questions. I was half smiling when i realize that i am in my Autocad class, and for me to be seen by my students staring blankly while momentarily grinning into something that is supposedly printed on that lecture notes all my by myself.. would have made them resign into thinking that my mental stability has been blown out of proportion.

Why then am i making my life complicated with these? What if i screwed in my review session with the arriba-would-be-engineers? WHat if my mind suddenly went blank during my session? What if they don't learn the easiest way possible?Would they throw tomatoes at me? or raise their hackles to their former autocad prof? waaaaaaaaa

Pesimism. Haha. It's killing me. It's blocking the runway of arithmetic juices ciirculating my very being. Sometimes, i need to be on the dark side in order for me to recognize my worst. The what-ifs that i do not want to happen. That what-ifs that i should never commit. Try not. Do or do not. There is no try. (master Yoda, isdachu?)

I know i could do it. Sir Joe believed i could. I couldn't fail the persons who trusted me wholeheartedly to do this. This is no cinch.I've to work and study harder in order for me to master every nook and cranny of this task.

Why then did i choose the path to nerdness instead of just dozing myself to bed, or stucking my fingers in the PSP, or laughing to my heart out as i disgorge my crankness in the shoutbox(es)? Ahahaha.

With Sir Joe importuning me to do the Math review class (under some duress..hahaha) with the absolute conviction that i can do it, (and would have loved to do it again and again and again...), i was never gladder to have been conscripted to do something i should have done a long time ago :)

To do some things that define me as a person, to carry out some things that mark my worth as a being.

Ahahaha. Enough for this. Tomorrow is another day. AH wala pala pasok. Pasyal mode pala ako with Jeng. hihihi.