Saturday, July 5, 2008


Death is a challenge. It tells us not to waste time... It tells us to tell each other right now that we love each other.
-Leo Buscaglia

"Lois, he's gone."

What could be more desolating than this morning message from Frances disclosing that Jepoy already had passed away. I suddenly felt gloominess creeping inside me.

It was just last Wednesday when Frances forwarded a text message from Ana: Jepoy was brought to the hospital the night before and was in coma.On his way home, he felt his face suddenly becoming numb, he went straight to the hospital where he had some veins fissured. The next day, i was informed that he only had 3% chance of survival and hope that he would be able to come back to his physical self at least within week.
But gone he is now.

We were classmates in elementary. Back then, we knew he was wide awake when God blessed the humanity with cuteness, but was in deep slumber when God sprinkled the blessings of vertical measurement. He's smart and quick on the uptake, no wonder he finished a bachelor's degree from the country's university.

I haven't had much tidings of him and some other classmates after we graduated in elementary. The strongest mark in my memory that i have of him is a dance presentation during our Grade 5 recognition. We hoofed it to Gary V's Shout for joy, with him as the sole guy member in the group and thus positioned at the center of every dance formation. It was only during our elementary reunion in June 2005 that we were able to come across with our elementary classmates again. Like the others, he had grown up to be a real man in physique, his bold and big frame extending upwards. After this reunion, we get in touch with each other from time to time, from chronic forwarded quote messaging to shallow chit-chats of what's new and what-happened-to-guess-who.

I could still remember the last time we went out for the movie Transformers. Frances, I, Jepoy and his friend, weren't lucky enough for a comfortable seat, we sat next to the front row
and got us stiffed necks after. Jepoy surprised us to having foot the bill on the popcorn during the movie. Then we had a short chinwagging over hot coffee after.

When Frances and i went out for a coffee just almost a month ago, we have agreed to watch another movie and have mutually decided to tag along Jepoy again. We haven't polished the details yet until this incident hit us.

Jepoy has found his own place where he can finally rest.

So young of him. I could feel the boundless grief his family is having right now, resigning themselves to having lost their only son, I could just commiserate to them to what has happened. He could have done more things here on earth, defying the odds and snares of the ordinary life. But maybe, God wanted Jepoy beside Him the soonest for He had better plans for him.

Why is it that the good die young... and the bad ones shrivel away only after a long, long time? Sometimes, heaven plays cruel tricks on earth.

But we cannot question fate. We can only let ourselves understand that there are reasons behind all the things that have been happening to us, that there are wondrous gains to reap from all of these. We may not understand now maybe, but in time, it will enter our reckoning.

Death teaches us the value of life. As i cringe from knowing how Jepoy left this physical world, i can't help but wonder how then would i be leaving this place also. Death doesn't take the path of the natural order of things, not even FIFO (First in, first out) It will strike us in our own time, and not even one of us knows when.

I almost thought i was dying sometime weeks ago. Currently on a near-death situation, i know i couldn't defy the odds. When i woke up the day after, i was elated with joy and high spirits for having another chance to experience life and all of its wonders. I committed myself to enjoy each day of my life (at least if i really could without being depressed for some serious reasons)

Death teaches us that the time is now. So waste no time and tell each person how much you love, treasure and value them.

And to Jepoy, we won't be able to watch the sequel of Transformers the movie, but we know for sure that you will be watching us all here, as we all perform to our best, in this real movie called life.

God bless you always.


mayetha said...

sad naman. ano nga cause ng death?