Monday, July 30, 2012

rain-induced boredom

Must be the weather. 


Poor weather always has to shoulder the blame why sentiments pour as many and as hard as the raindrops on some nights like these.

Then there's the pillow. The stupid desire to transform a lifeless stuffed cushion to a hugging element. I bet you would run as fast as you can once you start feeling your pillow press itself onto your body, or slowly wrap itself around you voluntarily.

Don't forget the sheets. If you'd like a warm sheet in cold nights like these, why not try heating it over a flame, or insert it in the microwave. Because the sheets can't get any warmer in itself, not as much as you could.

That is why i am blurting out my two cents in this space, because i don't want the weather, the pillow, nor the sheets to highlight my total alienation amidst the hum  and buzz of efficient technology. I am bored because i am indeed, bored in itself, bored in the miniscule sense of having no one to talk to, no one to hug, and no one to keep me warm.. in rainy nights like this. Oh yes, the weather. *face palm*

The tendency to be more self-centered is greater to those who live by themselves alone. I am no exception, in fact, i am at the center stage. While my chaotic life is silenced by the walls and ceilings that could only hear but not talk, my quiet life stand in contrast to the squalor that has been around for quite a long time. 

There is none i can do to counter my own sentiments in a rainy night like this.