Friday, July 13, 2012


He was so alive in my head just as he was the last time I saw him, so alive in the form of memories in the last time I was with him. When I retreat to happiness when the night gets long and world gets so weary, the entire milky way becomes full of raucous vitality. I can feel the fullness and energy of the stars and the moon rewarding me with a deep soulful stillness.

It was the greatest.

One does not simply overcome the pains of yesterday. I remember feeling like a stunted victim of a massacre. Indeed, tragedy is not limited to theater. But after so many moons that passed, the princess who had gone through the waves of sentimental and unsentimental trivialities had learned to tame the lurking nature of hurt and depression.

I have learned to cherish the things that mattered most and throw away the thorns of sorrow. It's astonishing how I could only live on the good memories I have with him, and walk through it when the day is at its darkest. I have let go of the reins and enjoy the ride of my life. But as always, he will forever be loved, cherished and adored, for all its worth.

You are always missed. 

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