Wednesday, July 25, 2012

missing sweetie

Dear Sweetie,

It's been a great test of patience. I've been wanting to be with you again, to spend some time alone while entertaining some repressed emotions that have been resurfacing once again. I've been meaning to make up with the lost time between us, to fill the gaps where we used to be together each day. You see, i have to endure our separation, not because i love you lesser now, but because i love you so much i need to save up for your restoration.

After all the ordeals we have gone through since the last quarter of 2011, i have loved you even more. My pockets were full of holes in my desire to keep you rolling. During those times when i have to leave you at home because of my fear of inflicting further troubles on your part, I wish I had enough to spare you from just collecting dusts at the garage. My heart bleeds for not being with you during the last days of work at the forging plant, my heart aches that I can't bring you now to share the joys brought by my new work.

I know I have kept you waiting for months in order to bring your life back. You know I have tried all the possibilities to keep you roaring once again. But as of the moment, the probability is still slim. Troubles sprout like mushrooms here and there, alternating between replacements and repairs. Admittedly, at times, surrendering is my only option, but at the end of the day, I am brought to the realization that I need you.

I will try my best to keep you, so that we can make more memories to last a lifetime.

I missed you so much sweetie.