Thursday, July 12, 2012


I'm kind of messed-up today.

Last night, I got this kind of feeling that my subconscious had thrown a big celebration, only to make me less productive for this day. Last time I checked, I put my physical self to the state of somnolence, rolled up the sheets and snoozed my way to dreamland. But I do feel tired this morning, like I didn't rest the whole night..which equates to my tardiness this morning.

I was more messed up when I was told of the mistakes I have committed in my work. Sure thing, it was an honest mistake, but was due to the fact that I wasn't even told of the standards or the right ones. I just couldn't give up especially with the thought that none here would teach me on how the way things work. I am trying so hard to discover things, learn the system and eventually learn from my own mistakes, recover from the state of low-esteem and push up for the best.

Bat ang iksi ng lunch break..di ako makatapos ng article :))
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