Thursday, March 1, 2012

you fire at me behind my back, i would always know... in due time

I just learned of some untold stories that made clear some things of the past that had burdened me then in some way or another. Some friends spoke negative things behind my back, and managed to strike smiles in front of me.

I won't wash my hands off the matter, but admittedly, these same persons had been a bane at one point in my life. I was just too lazy to hate them that much, for hating them would just make my world smaller, sadder, lonelier and everything in between hell and being more hell.

Having learned now of the real culprits behind that incident when we were questioned by the admin regarding our whereabouts, i don't feel animosity to them anymore. Although i pity them for thriving on petty things to pull us down, i could still laugh to my hearts out on how funnier it had been back then that their intentions were put into question after we had presented our approved and signed forms as evidences against their wrong claims. It was case- closed in an instant. Back then, i never knew who our detractors were, and never did i had any desire to know them.

Now that the cat has been let out of the bag, and now that they have their own faces, i actually wouldn't care. The past has been long gone. It is true that no secret could be kept forever. And if you fire at me behind my back, i would always know... in due time.