Saturday, March 3, 2012

f*cked up

I was supposed to be happy because today's the last day of the work week. But news about our evaluation greeted me bad at the onset of day.

I f*cked up 2011.

I lost my luster already and as time passes, i am slowly loosing a part of me.

Sometimes i see life insipidly, bland to the very fore.

When i decided to let go of the job opportunity Toyota had given me, i had financial constraints as reason. They were offering me a package too paltry for me to live a comfortable life, for a job that entails more than full responsibility as a leader. Admittedly, i was first drawn to the position, coupled with the brand name. But after much thought, i realized that financial difficulties will always be an ally, for i would be living on the brink of less than enough to something short of nothing. I chose to stay where i am and promised to never look back at the bubble that I had burst.

I stayed where i am and bit all the bullets of misery this company has to offer. I often wonder where i got the strengths to stand still despite all the travails of sarcasm, the mockeries of skepticism, and the hard physical labor we had to perform.


**** i ran out of juices. kaboom!