Thursday, March 1, 2012

the two sides to a coin

I've been missing my sweetie for the past two months. Stuck in our garage, the macho now refuses to start. Admittedly, it wasn't at all easy for me to revert to the cowboy daily commuter, but then again, i have learned a lot and will continue to embrace the journey until i find the car repair and maintenance on top of my priority list.

I have yet to know when i would have my car fixed. I am being generous enough to spend my time wandering. Just because my car can't be moved doesn't mean i have to stay still also. Frankly, i could have it fixed at the onset of its tantrums, but i chose to discover myself more and let it go temporarily while enjoying life's adventures.

But it isn't always that easy. It isn't always that smooth. I could always enjoy a comfortable reclining seat with my headphones on as i snap a nap on our way to work, but nothing beats the moments when i would sing at the top of my lungs while tapping the steering wheel and revving the engine harder as i jive to the amplitudes of Enter Sandman by Metallica and Crash into Me by Dave Matthews Band. I could always read a book or watch a flick in my ipod, or chat with someone while seated in a bus or jeepney, but somehow i dearly miss the solemnity and freedom of being where i want to be at my own convenience, time wise.

Ya know, there are always two sides to a coin.