Friday, March 30, 2012

rainshowers on a summer season

I had a very relaxing sleep last night with my fan turned off. Although the rain fallen into a mist, it was still way too cold. The last time i checked, it's already summer season. As a matter of fact, i had gone to two occasions of summer beach bumming to date, the first at Canyon Cove with Badz and Ron and the last to Isla de Higantes with Mayeth, Ady, Jean and Kuya Mike. I am even excited to our vacation next week and planning is underway to another adventure on May. All i know is that it's supposed to be the time of the year to frolick and bash (and get our skin under the smiling sun.

It's alarming how the climate change has been adversely affecting our usual lives. The summer season usually kicks in at the onset of the love month, but this time, rain showers, cloudy skies, and cold breeze linger around even at the end of first quarter. I am quite not sure of any impending news about a storm, haven’t heard of it or read in media, but it’s quite disturbing and alarming in equal measure how our dear world is changing.

A friend of mine posted in his facebook a status about repenting for all our sins because the world is about to end. His evidence: rain showers on summer days. Is the world ending in 12122012? Oh my.

For now, I am much elated for the peeking sun. As far as I could do, I’ll do the sun dance til next week, and offer eggs to the monastery so that our trip next week would have a sunny weather. Hehe. Joke lang.