Friday, November 5, 2010


I clocked in late for work today. I had to stop right after exiting the slex because my car's temperature had fast risen.

Before the gauge hit the red line, i switched off the engine and parked on the side. Not that my heart is racing, but i wasn't too tough to open the radiator for fear of getting splashed by hot water. I called Kuya Manny and he was indeed very kind enough to rescue me, though it would mean tardiness for both of us. In less than 15minutes he was there for my call, my cousin also happened to pass by and spend time to help us out.

The expansion reservoir was full but the radiator was drained. My bad. The radiator cap is faulty enough for the circulation. But i still need to have my radiator cleaned to prevent further problems. Foremost, i have none to blame but myself for failing to check the car before using it. That's a real shame.

Nevertheless, I'm one blessed girl in a friday morning for having God's favour and protection channeled through His pipelines in the form of Kuya Manny and Kuya King.

Thanks be to God.