Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I think the people behind Kenny Rogers Roasters in SM Calamba don't realize the importance of safety in their store.
I went there last night for a grilled fish meal that wasn't available on any other food chains there. I almost got suffocated in the smoke that was coming from their grill and was spreading in the dining area. For a moment, i thought of it as an isolated incident at that very moment, and the smoke would gradually cease to exist, so me and my friend decided to pursue our dinner and just chose a table that was a bit farther from where the smoke was coming. We happen to find one in the right corner. So while my friend is queued for our orders, i just sat and started to tame the curiosity that was brewing inside me.

But the odds are great. If i am a cat, i would have used up my seven lives for entertaining my curiosity. LOLS. While the smoke was spreading faster and bigger in the dining area, i began to wonder if there were any smoke alarm/ detector installed in the store.

And i found not ONE, but A LOT. It was installed in an array, a perfect matrix of rows and columns in the ceiling.
But lo and behold, it's either they were intentionally turned off, or not even working.

For a smoke that full and fast spreading, i wonder how silent and how numb their alarms were.

For a business that is just operating for barely two weeks with a situation such as these, i wonder if any one from the safety department is concerned. Or were they even given permits to operate without proper safety inspection? For crying out loud! They were in grilled food business and they should have at least fine-tuned their operations so as not to suffocate their customers!

I just dawned on me how in the hell could they operate on such situation where they see their customers being suffocated. It's so frustrating how business thrives well at the expense of the comfort of the consumers. Even more frustrating that consumers are still willing to shell out some bucks to satisfy their cravings served at that specific dining.

I was still in college when an incident in Waltermart Calamba about a small fire from an alleged leaking gas tank in a food chain caused alarm and panic to the consumers inside the mall. Some of my friends who got caught inside were forced to their way out through the cinema's exit, after which they have to jump through a wall to get to the other side of the fence for their escape. No one would ever want this to happen again.

With the swarm of people frequenting SM Calamba since its opening two weeks ago, we just hope that the proper authorities will do their part in securing the safety of their people, beyond profit and gains.