Monday, November 29, 2010


One day, a woman began to forget things.
Where she went.
What she said.
Where she was going.
Her husband brought her to a doctor, and sure enough, their worst fears were confirmed: She had Alzheimer’s.
After some time, her sickness progressed until she needed nursing care 24 hours a day.
Her husband didn’t want to, but he had no choice. He transferred his wife to a home care facility for patients with Alzheimer’s.
But he promised to visit her everyday.
Every 3pm, he’d visit her and spend the afternoon with her.
There came a point when she no longer recognized him.
It was so painful for him to enter her room, and she would just stare blankly at him.

One day, the husband was in a business meeting.
At 2:30pm, he stood to leave, saying he was going to visit his wife. One of his friends took him aside and asked, “Can I ask a question? Why do you still visit your wife everyday when she doesn’t know you anymore?”
He looked at his friend and smiled, “She may not know me, but I know her. And that’s enough for me.”

(excerpt from

He may not be around, but I'm still here for him. It's enough that i know that i love him.