Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mood swings

Yesterday i was beating to the music of Firehouse. "Not just on Sunday, I love you everyday"... the song running through my brain like an audio on loop. It was dark around 6pm, the usual setting come Christmas season. Traffic was usually horrible on a friday (the 13th) as people disgorged on the roads elicited endless streams of honks from the passing vehicles.

I am on progressive dementia. I can recognize the progression i have made into healing the wounds of the past, and forgetting the painful memories that testified to my world in collision. Congratulations. Time had made me slowly conquer all demarcations, where it does not trivialize, but rather provoke me to ponder and reflect.

My point here? Nonsense.

I just dunno why i suddenly felt this vague sadness.

Mood swings. Happy yesterday, glummer today.

I suddenly want to be disconnected.