Friday, November 6, 2009


Life (especially mine) is so short, so most of the times.. i make the most of it.

Well, not really the most of it. (There's blinding light that hindered the realization of a pursuit. Hahaha.)

I am talking about the little things and the trying out of something new that would fill my happiness tank.

I sometimes feel that i have missed out on some wicked things in my life because i have been sticking hard to the basic rules that were set in this cosmic earth, i have been 90% good all the time (10% go out to the crazy little things i do to myself out of my extreme schmaltz)

Sometimes, it's ok to break the rules i know. But i don't have enough courage to do it. Simply because i wasn't raised by my humble parents with any taint of delinquency. (Thanks nanay and tatay)

But last night, i jumped into some life threatening rule-breaking opportunity. hahaha.

Felt myself come alive.

You know na what it is.