Sunday, August 23, 2009


Sunday. 630pm.

I was a bit disoriented from where i would exit from the Alabang Town Center Parking Area. I took the exit near the Starbucks and head off the road perpendicular to Madrigal Business Avenue. Took me a couple of minutes to discern that i still would have to take a trip round the ATC turning right to Madrigal Business Avenue then right to Alabang Zapote Road then right to ATC again then right to the exit road passing the parking area in front of the Makati Supermarket then left to Ayala Alabang Road which would then lead to Filinvest. Whew.

My mind was suddenly boggled and acting as an instant reflex, i took a u-turn in the nearest intersection. But my "pawis-steering" car didn't allow me to push the deed smoothly, my failed u-curve which turned out to be just an L-curve got me almost collided with the orange plastic barrier that they intentionally placed in the middle of the opposite road. Whew. Without second thought, i took a slight reverse which elicited a stream of beeps and honks of the passing vehicles behind me. Exerting all my efforts and straining all but my arm muscles, i did manage to get off from that pivot and head off the road that i was supposed to.

I saw no signs that a u-turn isn't allowed on that area, nor did i see any traffic enforcer in that intersection. I didn't know, but really, i must have sweat a gallon.

Bawal ba mag u-turn dito?