Thursday, August 27, 2009


I just checked my friendster account minutes ago and i wasn't surprised that for the nth time, i got another request from meanne. Seems like she had been soooooooooooo persevering adding me as her buddies in their friendster account. Her ulterior motive: to show their daughter to me. I care less if they have been married or not, if they got children or pets, i don't give a damn. The doors have been closed and they can't force me to open it for some reconciliations. I have been living my life on my own miles away from them and why is it that they still want to pester their lives with some thoughts of me?

Well, yep, congratulations to both of you for that cute little angel. Angels brought here on earth deserve to be celebrated. Never mind the aches and pains of yesterday. The wounds shall heal itself, only time can tell.

Let's not rush things. No one can ever tell when's the right time. Only God knows.