Thursday, August 20, 2009

My pc crashed last night

My pc crashed last night.

The past few weeks i could feel it runnin' slower than it could have ran. Most of the times, the screen would just freeze, and the only thing that was left for me to do is to push the reset button. The reference memory could not be read, or something like that, and some error messages keep popping in the screen but couldn't convince me well enough to replace the jurassic machine. Not now, i'd say to myself.

I was playing Farmville last night when the screen suddenly froze and in the blink of my beautiful eyes (haha), the lavishness of my green farm has turned into a dangerous blue screen with white colored text that i could only interpret and shorten in layman's term as REPLACE ME PLEASE. I could have answered with a loud screaming NOTTTTT NNNNOOOWWWWWWWWWW PLEASEEEEEEE, but i just hit the reset button and the machine got it's life back.

Returning from where ive left, i went back to my farm due to the springing excitement with my new tractor. Wahaha. 30,000 coins for my new tractor. Nice and smooth. Was about to plow a parcel when the farm suddenly turned up blue again, and testified to my world in collision.

The next thing i did was to reboot the pc, enter CMOS and check anything i could.
DDR266 256MB

Where's my harddrive?

My HDD wasn't detected.

I pulled the 40gb HDD and inserted the spare 120gb but to my dismay, could be detected but would not run as well.

I returned the 40gb HDD and the PC had been resurrected. But the files were all gone, and needed to be reformatted to be fully satiated.


All that is left for me to do is to accept the fact that they will all be gone with a single stroke of a key.

I reformatted my PC and lost all the virtual evidence of my virtual sanity in the last three years of my life.

The reality is that all those token of bits and bytes of my virtual existence had vanished in an instant.

Dismay overran my face like the hordes of Atilla, as the clock begins to toll out the hour of reformatting.

Dire extremity mutates into new reality altogether.

After an hour of going the whole hog of reformatting, the pc was brought back to life. But yes, to a new and refreshed one, running faster than it had been.

I logged to my messenger and felt a dart of sadness,i saw nothing on the archives. For quite some time, i had been stumbling every now and then at my archives to somehow take a trip down the memory lane where the conversations i had with the special people in my life would make my heart swell with extreme schmaltz.

And there was none now.

I grope for some feelings in my heart and wonder if i had them all in my master harddrive, memories all stuck together here in the pumping center of my being.