Friday, July 31, 2009

Some random thoughts about about love.

Some random thoughts about love.

* Show your love for one another. Let your feelings be known.

* When your partner's mood is agitated, just be still and calm down, give him/her time to cool down, then respond later.

* Love is letting your partner be what he/she wants to be, and not being what you want him/her to be instead.

* You may not always marry the person you love. Love, in its true sense, is being there for the person you love, willing to help, to listen, to be there with all your might and main, without expecting anything in return.

* Worry not about someone's past, because all there is that matters is today.

* Love is helping your partner overcome his/her weaknesses, and leveraging his/her strengths.

* TO love and be loved is the greatest joy in the world.

* It pays to momentarily ignore your partner. It gives some sense of aggresiveness.

* Know when to put the phone down.

* Jealousy is such a waste of energy, money and time.

* Inspite of whatever you may do, or how busy you are at the moment, every woman wants to hear the golden words: I LOVE YOU.

* Two persons, even after the fiercest of fights, can be at peace with each other, all because LOVE moves in mysterious ways.

* Most women talk a lot, they would highly appreciate if their partners are good listeners :)

* Silence is a more effective way of expressing disagreement or anger than raising one's voice.

* Love isn't all about togetherness. It's also about distance and space.

* The first step to a lasting relationship is trusting one another.

* Women would always loved to be pursued, wooed with chocolates and flowers even if they are a decade or more together.

* Love is a two-way street.

* Sharing and caring is LOVE.