Thursday, July 23, 2009

Damsel found herself in a faraway desert country.

Damsel found herself in a faraway desert country.

She was leisurely walking alongside the busy streets and found him with his friends casually chatting over coffee and croissant while surfing the net via laptops placed on the table. He was wearing a red shirt paired with a plain six-pocket khaki underpants. When he caught a glimpse of damsel, he immediately stood and hugged her tight, so tight she could no longer breath. He must have hugged her for hours! she doesn't even know, she even can't explain.

She always has the habit of loosing some pertinent details in a dream the moment she wakes up. Maybe she should dream in RAW format, so she wouldn't loose the intricate details and could still recover and adjust to the correct exposure during post processing. hehehe. She couldn't recall what happened after that hugging scene, maybe they took a walk, laughed out the loudest, bantered continuously, ate at Hardees, etc, she doesn't know, the details seemed to be lost in a haze of half asleep-half awaken moment.

The parting time did etched in her memory. He placed his right arm in her right shoulder and walked past his friends to the nearest ticketing station. He asked her to stay and just sit on the nearest waiting area perpendicular to the booth. She could see him flash the sweetest smile as he sauntered back to her with a piece of paper on his left hand. He sat beside her, filled up the blank sheet with information about her, and seemed to know every single bit of info about her. He groped for his pocket and went back to the booth to pay for her ticket.

When we went back to her, no sweetest smile could be traced in his face, but only the expression of solitude that almost made her feel being doused with tears. Parting time.

They hugged each other again (for hours again maybe :)). At that very moment, she never wished to be free from his arms again. Tears freely flowed from her eyes, but she couldn't utter any single word.. she just hugged him even tighter.

They walked to the departure area. Her eyes were still welling up with tears, and she couldn't release her arms from his grips. Parting time was indeed necessary. He hugged her for the last time, and whispered words to her ears. "I'll be home the soonest. Take care always."

At four in the morning, she had awaken from this reverie. She was .. well.. crying when she woke up.. her pillows seemed to have absorbed the tears that flowed.

But to her, such was the greatest dream of all.