Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Sobrang ganda nito.


Pag-ibig nga naman.


"In his third book, Uh-Oh, Fulghum shared some short and unconventional love stories from his own experience and casually suggested that if readers had their own tales to tell, he would love to hear them. True Love is the result of the incredible response he received. The stories, chosen by Fulghum to reflect the many faces of love, are amusing, sentimental and sometimes gritty. Fulghum’s proceeds from this book were donated to Habitat for Humanity, a love story in itself." Published 1997


Where the hell can i get a copy of this?

I just listened to the audiobook posted by porpol on our symbianize. Whew. Sobrang ganda talaga. Gotta have mah own copy.