Wednesday, June 24, 2009



What a week.

We've been on the verge of a labor dispute here in our company. With the impending strike mobilization, we all here are left hanging as to how we would be able to carry out the situation. For almost half a year, we've been fed by bitter complaints and recriminations between the rank and file union and the admin.

Videos of their mobilization had also been uploaded to the You Tube which stoked the fire of wrath of the admin. Hehe. Really, it's getting a bit scary day by day, as hundreds of security guards flock the ANI Road.. To date, there are 150 :D

Tension of opposites.

The admin gets more strict with the implementation of the rules and regulations and work procedures. The union members get hard-headed and refuse to work accordingly as each day passes.

Both sides waiting for the labor decision.

And while they are both waiting for each other to pounce on every opportunity, we are all left with the tremors and frights that at one point in time, we will get caught halfway between the two opposing camps.

And how hard could it be being locked-up inside the company for days? Or how difficult could it get inside with the Union's organized protest in the entrance gate itself?

So much worries here by now.

Hearsays, anytime from Saturday night till Monday at dawn, they would fire a strike. So by Monday, we all have to get ourselves ready for whatever situation would head start our week. Whew.

Back in my college days, I used to be very proactive in scrutinizing any management that are responsible for the mobilization of any union labor group. I was a very principled writer back then, and i always feel for those hungered workers that are being deprived of their rights. I joined rallies and cooperated with different labor groups as we share our common belief that there exist tyranny in our country, as reflected in the way our labor sectors run. But back then, i knew very little about labor, as my expenses were being subsidized by my uncle and father.

Now that i am employed, i do have at least a fraction of knowledge about labor laws added to my existing database. A union member myself, (we were all left with no choice as to join the staff/supervisory union or stand independent to the management) i have at least knew and experienced the advantages of being a member. But to say all unions have parallel way of thinking is a fallacy. Because we also act and think for logical ways where both sides could mutually benefit the existence of each other. We need work, they need staff, so we work hand-in-hand (if not most of the times agreeing to each others demands).

But then maybe, since i haven't got any idea what's going on with the minds of our rank and file union, they all deserve to exercise their rights. Since the labor dispute has been with the DOLE, let's just hope that should a rampage arise, all employees should be in the safest situation possible.

Oh God please help us.