Wednesday, June 10, 2009

center of attraction

I was a bit (yep, a bit ) hyped-up with my new baby that i almost forgot the existence of my other dinguses.

I haven't cleaned my sweetie car for the past two weeks due to the unpredictable weather condition shifts. I haven't patched those leaking windshield seals that brought discomfort to my rainy road trips. Never got my tire pressure checked for the past weeks also.

Haven't even had any set with my psp scrabble game. Haven't flipped through the next page of my Kinsella and Bob Ong books. Haven't even performed any tuning or defragmented my pc drives, nor have deleted unwanted files in my portable drives. Haven't charged the battery of my Sony Cybershot DSC w130.

Have i cleaned my room? Well, a bit.

It's like my world had revolved solely on that baby with a feeling of combination of relief and adrenaline sweeping through me.