Sunday, March 22, 2009


Haven't had any post for i think over a week. Admittedly, i was so damn lazy to put into words those hotchpotch of thoughts that kept buzzing in my mind.

I was slacking lately. Yeah, Knight Amigo is definitely right. In as much as i want to pull myself together and move on with all the hurts and pain that life has brought me, i am still, indeed, under construction.

Moving on isn't that easy. It isn't a one night affair that you go through, then wake up the next day feeling brand new.

Now, what triggered me to drop here in my sacred den and leak some of my unfathomable musings?
- The love letters that Jack Sparrow had written in his room 365.
It really moved me. It really stirred something in me. A letter full of emotions for someone he loved so dearly. I was just like him then. Putting into words all those feelings that i couldn't contain. Writing my dear beloved a letter each day, relating how my world has been brighter than the day before because he was in it. But what happened to me now? I was pacified. I kept my silence. I don't know what has happened to me.