Saturday, March 7, 2009


by Jack Sparrow (Kuya Luis)
March 7, 2009

Hide the pain of a broken heart in the silence of a teardrop,
and let the hymns of the night still the clamor with your soul;
Let the warm March wind soothe your burdened mind,
and let your being own again, peace and serenity.

A long journey you have taken, filled with highroads and lows.
Crooked forks and unmarked trails, have gotten you lost all along;
Rest a while before trying to look for your paved road,
That leads you back home, which you most truly long.

Sleep for now in this soft patch of earth that you have laid on,
and dream of the love that you have wanted and waited for.
Let the night embrace you and cradle you to your wonderland,
Where no pain nor strife nor misery resides.