Friday, March 13, 2009



You marveled at the sight of your own little gal
from the cradle that is rocked by your sweet lullabies..
thrust herself into the realms of the so-called life.
sometimes cautiously,
but more often,

And you see me..
Reveling in the life that you gave me
Breathing in exuberance with such gusto and bravado
Dancing in melodies of sweet survival and distress
Fighting upstream against a rocky undercurrent.

I know you are just there.
Watching over us.
Wishing the best for us.

At most times I stumble,
and I know by heart how my pain becomes your own pain as well.
And you wish for our sufferings to dwindle.
For all the hurt to vanish
For all the tears to fade.
For all the torments to end.

I miss you and i love you so much.


Join me as i offer a prayer for the 22nd death anniversary of my mom.