Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Heraclitus, a famous Greek Philosopher, said that "Nothing is permanent but change."

Every moment is changing and there is no permanent thing.

Permanence is not the nature of things. Even rocks do change. I was forcing this idea to my mind because there are some changes that i couldn't cling on to right now. In as much as i would want to grow and flow with these transformations, i am still in a haze of confusion.

Feelings do change. Someone who used to cherish me yesterday suddenly lost his passion to care. Someone who used to give me the world turned his back on me today. Someone who once infused happy cells had it all gone in an instant.

I cannot do anything about these changes.

These and everything, shall pass. Tomorrow will be brighter than today.


Speaking of transformation, i replaced the skin of my fave gizmo just last night. Upon removing the old skin, i was enthralled at its raw appearance of bold and shiny black body.

But i still would want it donned with my cute precious moments skin.