Friday, September 19, 2008


Friday morning.

I missed the shuttle service. Dunno if it's me or the driver (or say 'Mang David' the owner) but i knew i arrived there at the pick up point @6:05am, early enough before they usually pass through.

I saw no 'April' standing in full bloom at the shed where we used to loiter. I suddenly had this gut feeling that i had already missed the service, but half-believing that i am way too early for the pick up time, which was usually around 6:10-6:15am.

Time check. 6:20am.

Whoah. Called Dalobee and April but they weren't answering. Must have been in their most comfortable nap inside the shuttle. Gggrrrr. My last call attempt had Dalobee answering his cellphone, said they were already in the SLEX.



Went back straight home. Thank God traffic isn't that heavy yet. Got the car and storm the road with a furious heart. "Babarilin ko na yung shuttle service na un," I muttered to myself as i rev up the engine to its max.

7:06am. Time in.

Ggggrrrrrrr. Late i am. Mang David approached me as i enter the production area. Told him i was really upset for having missed the service, that i had to drive on my own and shell out some bucks for my gasoline, and that it was indeed their irregularities on their part that had some of the regular employees missed the service. I was blurting out to him all my complaints for their mismanaged shuttle proceedings, and etc..etc.. There was this level of anger that makes me desperate to shoot them all. :getiton: