Saturday, September 27, 2008


An officemate of mine had already reported to work this morning after a very terrible vehicular accident they had undergone 2 days ago. Apparently...both of them were drunk, after a "stress-relieving" gimmick they had that night (almost till dawn?)

With Jay driving his lime-colored box-type lancer, Dalobee noted that Jay were already swerving here and there having drunk too much. It was already 2 in the morning, they were both enforcing sanity on their being while drunkenness and sleepiness riot on their whole. Dalobee had already fallen to the yearnings of the moment, which is to doze even just for a while as Jay accelerated his car in full gears. Even before they rolled the wheels, he already instructed Jay to drive carefully.

He suddenly felt a strong compelling force in his left face... an impact that so resolutely had shaken almost his soul. He was baffled to feel a trickle of blood oozing from his forehead.. was so blinded with the sudden impact that he missed out the blood coming from his chin. In an instant he felt his lower body becoming numb, after awakening to the stark raving truth that they had terribly crashed into another vehicle.

Dalobee woke up from his stupor, and his tounge felt as if it were twisted seeing Jay lying cold beneath the squashed steering wheel forced into his body. The impact was so terrible it had side swiped to the incoming Nissan Patrol on the other lane, crushing half of the vehicle on the driver's side, having Jay trampled beneath the vehicle's wrecked half body. He felt at that instant moment that Jay was already dead, he shook him badly, called his name over and over again as if to hurriedly call his wandering spirit to return to its entity and bring back Jay to life. He was compelled by a force more elemental than anything else, which is the instinct to save Jay to the best that he could, to awaken him at that instant moment. When his efforts finally elicited a whimper from Jay, it was then that he realized that this isn't just a part of any dramatic conceit they were all prone to or had made it to a point to cultivate. To resign himself to having his companion gone and suddenly gets a hint that he is magically and miraculously still alive, i can only imagine what bliss it brings.

They were rescued by the people in the nearby streets and hospital. Dalobee was fine with some bruises and blood. while it took the rescuers three long hours before they could pull out Jay's body inside the distorted vehicle. They had to cut by acetylene the obtruding vehicle parts and stripped Jay's clothing to be able to be pulled easily and allow the breath of life to be inhaled into his being.

And that was the story according to Dalobee. Jay's still confined at the hospital right now, recovering from the blast of tremors of physical and emotional pain they had undergone.

Believing that accidents are inevitabilities waiting to happen don't expulcate them of what happened. They were both intoxicated and the alcohol maybe had consumed their sanity. I admitted to having post-trauma on driving because the stark images of that accident wouldn't depart my mind. All my co-workers are dearest to me. Being my everyday companion in these labor-mandated hours for almost a quarter of my life, you could imagine what depths of despair i had felt upon hearing what had happened to them.

I drive. But i don't drink. (And i also have no gasoline allowance yet...2 months na.. F*@&!@#$!!#$%^&&*%$ Kume) I know my other feet is on the grave once i start to roll the wheels. I hold in me my very life and those riding with me, along with the others on the streets where i'll pass by. And so it is very imperative that one needs to be in his full sane mind when driving. Don't drink and drive.