Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wasn't able to post anything here yesterday. I was in a state of shock *lmao* My pc in the office was down, dunno what epidemic has striken my beloved machine. It was a hella Monday, seems like a virus has been injected in the system. The paste function was disabled, likewise for the system restore. I can't uninstall the Kaspersky Antivirus which at first i concluded was the culprit for the irregularity. My officemates told me it wouldn't log on the network last Sunday, took almost 10years before it would boot. The windows wouldn't appear in the task bar, would just float on the desktop. Other files won't open. Etc. Etc. Mayday.

I tried all what i could to bring back my pc into its own sanity. But i just couldn't. I'ts so frustrating on my part because i have been using it last friday and saturday in its very good working condition.

I then called the IT Department to have it fixed. The IT Personnel couldn't fix it either. The Drive C needs to be reformatted. Sigh. The first since it was brought to the engg dept. Sigh.
First time always hurts.

I did have a back up of some files that i deem important, personal and business files. But all of my psp movies shall be wiped out, as i don't have the luxury of time to transfer that 12gb films minutes before they pulled out the unit. Oh my mp4s. *weep*