Saturday, April 26, 2008


Yesterday is one of my best days.

I had an energy upsurge first thing in the morning as my heartbeat accelerated to full blast. Nope. Didn't have a heart attack.. just mere illusions maybe that my heart was being attacked again by a very, very good friend who has some kind of engagement here in the central home of my pumping veins and arteries. *lmao*

Well... very nice kick- off for the day :D Replenished happy cells that later divide into happier ones, and maybe, will continue mutating again into happier ones..weeeeeeee.. i am a happy individual.. and i can do most of the things through the happy thoughts that fuel me to relish a pleasing environment.weeeeeeeeee.. i love you all... **giggles**

Yesterday also, an abundance of knowledge has been bestowed on me. Mr. Segawa, my new Japanese boss, has taught me technical stuffs on statistical data analysis which i have long forgotten. I remember having a whale of a time whooping up the statistical data analysis back in my MBA managerial stat subject. Why oh why this time it seems that it has been wiped out of my cerebrum and no matter how i dig deeper to retrieve those functions, i can't seem to succeed. It was only when Mr. Segawa taught me snippets of methodology and functions that i was able to recuperate those tools that i needed to be armed at in order for me to rise to genius eloquence.. bwahahaha... nah..just kidding :) Thanks Mr. Segawa for the truckloads of info.

On my way home, I splurged on the supermarket for a bottle of Tostitos Salsa, Nutela spread, bread, nachos and muriatic acid.

Nyahahha. Muriatic Acid. It's Sunday tomorrow and i ought to make mother's haven gleaming. Heheheh. Tough week for her, i had a hard time heeding to her call every now and then. *lmao*

In conspectus, i had a great day yesterday and i firmly believe that with all the happy cells spontaneously mutating into happier ones, my every day on earth will even be as brighter as this one.

Sana lang tawagan ako ng pepsi para mas masaya pa. heheheh.