Sunday, April 27, 2008

It's A Sunday morning and i am all set for a whole day of relaxation here in the comfort of our home :)

I've been preoccupied the past weekends and i think it's time for me to rest my weary soma :D

I slept way too early on a Saturday night. I was yawning at eight, past nine my eyes are closed.
I've enough energy to spend for the rest of my Sunday. I am all set to wash my clothes, clean my room, cook the food, and have at least 4 hours of sleep in the afternoon. Hehe. If the universe would allow me to at least speak to someone i got used to during weekends, then i'd be sooooo thankful. Kinda missin' my WS mode lately. (WS=walang silbi)

Anyways, i got to get my lazy ass off to some chores so that I'd be able to rest earlier.



Anonymous said...

WS bago ata sa pandinig ko yun ah... hehe magamit nga WS mode. lol